‘Support for Alexa’ Available In New Kindle Fire 7 and HD 8 Models

Amazon, a largest online E-commerce company is planning to launch the new versions of its existing Kindle Fire 7 and HD8 models with updated features and functionality. This is being done in order to stand first among all the E-readers in the digital E-reader market. If you are planning to buy a new kindle fire model, then pay kind attention to the content given in this blog.

In new Kindle models, you will find a difference in colors, size, shape, and design. Moreover, the prices of both the models are also slashed by $10. There are 3 new colors of Kindles which are going to introduce in the market. Its rival Apple is also planning to update the iPad keeping in mind the in great enthusiasm for E-reader by the public. Amazon has a large hierarchy of business so, to gain their feet in this E-reader market they are providing the new Kindle at very low cost and satisfying and please the customers. Amazon has its own Kindle bookstore, subscriptions, and payment system.


Now, let’s discuss the features of both these models in details. Amazon recently launched the updated models of Kindle Fire 7 and 8HD in the digital market. They have bought 3 new colors in both these models. You can select Red, Blue or Yellow from the plethora of colors. These color are not only good on your eyes but reflects the modern look of it. The most amazing thing that you will find in the new models is ‘Support for Alexa’. Alexa, as we know, is a voice assistant in amazon other voice assisted products. So, you can control your kindle just with your voice even.

If you want to purchase Kindle Fire 7 model, then you need to pay only $30. You will get a numerous number of features with this Kindle tablet. The color brightness, contrast, and battery backup are also improved in both the models. There are 2 Wi-Fi bands available for proper network strength.

In Kindle fire 8, you will get Full HD display for playing a video with resolution 1280×800. The memory storage and the RAM size is also enhanced in the new model. If you are going with 16 GB storage, then you will have to pay $79 from your pocket.

Amazon has also launched a new ‘kids edition kindle model which is designed basically for children only. They can read the popular titles and play educational videos on this kindle model. Amazon has a monopoly in the type of model is getting good revenue from special models. You can buy any one out of two different models which differentiate on the basis of internal storage. A ‘Freetime unlimited’ subscription is free for the first year. Though the price of this model is a bit higher than a normal one but is getting a good response from the public. Those who don’t want to give access to their personal kindle to their children can get this model for $129.

To order this model, you can either place an order online or call for Kindle support. They will save your order and delivery the same at the earliest. If you want to know more details about this device, then you can go to Kindle support page from your phone browser.

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