Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly a cornerstone in the field of modern day electronics because this concept allows people to not just experience the high definition videos, but they can feel as if they are a part of the video. The concept of 3D movies has proved that there is a lot more stored in for the people in terms of digital electronics. Virtual Reality can be considered as the next step to the 3D technology. Though, it is new and still in the process of getting better, the popularity of VR has started to build up, as many companies have come up with their versions of Virtual Reality.

The efficiency of a Virtual Reality depends upon its ability to control three of the five senses of the people using a computer. Virtual Reality devices come along with special gloves, goggles and earpieces, which cuts off the user from the real world and take him/her to the new world of the virtual reality. Besides showing a tremendous virtual world to the users, VRs also monitor users’ actions. The VR will show the next video according to the response and the movement of the user’s eyes.

There are four companies till date that are competing for the number one spot in the Virtual Reality devices. Let us take a look at these companies:

1. Samsung Gear VR: When it comes to sleek design and seamless performance, the Samsung Gear VR is the product to buy. With the launch of Samsung S7, the company has made a great move by clubbing the smartphone with its VR. The move has really boosted the sales prospects for the company, as people were desperately looking for a smartphone with a dedicated VR. Samsung is trying to gain a monopoly in this field, as its competitors Sony or Apple are somewhat behind Samsung in terms of VR technology.

2. Sony Morpheus: Sony has come up with its own version of VR, i.e., Morpheus, which runs a 1080p HD display and provide a 90 degree field of vision. The VR is quite heavy, therefore, it won’t be a good idea to wear for more than 30 minutes. There is a lot that needs to be done in order to make this product more comfortable for the users.

3. Microsoft FOVE: The product has been launched to provide an eye-tracking VR for the Xbox One users to make the gaming experience more spectacular. Many gaming companies have shown interest in the product, as it has all the features they need to make gaming more fun.

4. Facebook Oculus Rift: When it comes to the industry leader, then Facebook Oculus Rift is undoubtedly the one. It consists of 1080p Samsung OLED screens that is amalgamated with 110 degree field of vision. The majority of the people is using Facebook Oculus Rift because of its simplified operation and affordable price.

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