This Amazon hack can help you to record every single word


If you are using Amazon Echo versions, then there is a fine hack which you can try out to record every single word that you command.

All Echo users, how is it going with your digital home assistant? Amazon’s echo has now become one of the big names in the category of best home automation devices in the market. With the various versions, features, and services, the classic home assistant has also become the top choice of all the consumers around the world.

Undoubtedly, you must have been organizing and maintaining your home with your dynamic home assistant. Apart from this, there is a new hack which has been discovered into the Amazon Echo from the MWR InfoSecurity researchers regarding the ability to install the software that can permit all the users to listen and record all the things that the Echo hears even if the speaker states that it has not been activated.

In this particular hack, there are lots of things. The first thing is that it is not possible to do without any distance. This hack needs direct access to the Echo speaker, where the potential hacker will require to delete the rubber base of the speaker to get the debug pads.

The second caution in this hack is that it is only possible in the 2015 and 2016 versions of the full-size Echo device. However, an estimated 10 million Alexa devices got sold in May 2017.

1) An invisible hack– In many opportunities, the hacker may have to compromise with a device. In some of the situations, the hacker may intervene the speaker when it is on its way to a customer or just head on to purchase one and then sell it on a second-hand device to an unaware customer.  After having the compromised device at your home, there are few things to let you know that it is sending your voice data to any other third person other than Amazon. It still provides the same usual commands, and the blue light gives out no indication that it is recording all your conversations at many times. On this particular hack, Amazon has also stated that the users should buy the Amazon devices from the Amazon or any trusted retailer and also keep the software updated.

2) Practical Security- As the hack is depended upon the physical access to the device, there shouldn’t be any issue to minimize the risk of getting affected.

You can easily do so by making sure that you will only purchase the Amazon devices that are latest and have been sold out by Amazon and also heading for return if found the broken seal of the box. While purchasing the device on second hand also raises the high risk of someone else getting compromised.

3) The Detective Alexa- There have been some security concerns with the dynamic Echo. In the previous year, the recording data of one of the suspects were requested by the police in a murder case. Initially, Amazon refused to reveal it due to the priority of customer privacy, but later on, they revealed after the defendant consented about the using of the data.

Well, in this case, the speaker would have been recording after hearing the “wake word’. With the recent hack, the device can record all the conversation instantly.