What Are The Highlighting Features In Kindle Oasis New Model Launched By Amazon?

Amazon is back again with another top-notch e-reader. But, it is not just any e-reader, it is, in fact, the best that is available in the market today. Amazon has launched a highly elegant, feature-packed and expensive e-reader. The name of the device is ‘Kindle Oasis’, and it is not the same device that you have seen in the stores. Let’s discuss this device in detail in this blog post.

Kindle Oasis has been launched a few days ago, and with its launch, Amazon has made a statement that it is not going to cater the same kind of products to its customers over and over again. This is not the same Oasis that you have seen available on Amazon official site or in the electronic stores. But, this is a new device that is packed with some interesting features and a totally new design. Kindle Oasis is perhaps the lightest e-reader available on the market. Moreover, the price of this amazing new tablet is nearly touching $300, which may come as a surprise to you because usually, e-readers are not that expensive, but Kindle Oasis will be.

Kindle Oasis will come in Champagne Gold Color, which is the company’s attempt to provide something new to the consumers who they believe were getting bored seeing the same black and white coloured e-readers. Kindle Oasis is going to cost you $280 for ad version, but if you want to buy an ad-free version, then you will have to shell out $300.

What are the specifications of this new Kindle Oasis?

Well, the specifications section consists of some old things and some new ones. The screen size is same as that of the old Kindle Oasis, i.e., a 7-inch screen having 300 PPI. But, this time around, the company has given audible support along with a battery that will last up to 6 weeks. The device is water resistant, so you can operate it with wet hands (if you forgot to dry your hands) without worrying if the screen would malfunction from that action.

Now, talking about the space that you are going to get in this device, then there are two variants available on the market. One comes with 8 GB of space and another variant comes with 32 GB of space. Moreover, the company has made this kindle a ‘Wi-Fi only’ device, so it won’t run on 3G/4G/LTE.

If you are not interested in Champagne coloured variant because of its high cost, then you can take a look at the graphite option, which is priced at $249.99. This is an 8 GB Wi-Fi model, which is suitable for the majority of avid readers. But, if you are looking for a bigger model, then 32 GB variant is also available, which is going to cost you $279.99.

With this model, the company has made it clear that it is going to make some significant changes to its fleet of Kindle devices. One such change has already been made in the form of colour, i.e., the arrival of ‘Champagne gold’ colour. Back in the day, the company only launched Kindle e-readers in two colours, which were, Black and white. Now, there are a few more colour options to choose from. Let’s wait and watch as to how this model performs in the markets all over the world.

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