What Is Alexa And What It Is Capable Of Doing?

There hasn’t been any blog in which the details regarding Amazon Echo has been presented generously, so I guess our website is the first to discuss all the amazing capabilities of Amazon Echo and its voice assistant, ‘Alexa’. Let us delve deep into this device and find out where does it goes in terms of features.

Amazon Echo is one of the most sophisticated voice assistants that you can control with your voice. Amazon Echo sports a highly intelligent personal assistant by the name of ‘Alexa’ that will perform tasks as per your commands.

Today, we will be discussing the capabilities of Amazon Echo and what it can do.

Alexa, the voice assistant on Amazon Echo is now available on a number of 3rd-party devices along with Alexa app that works on Android phones as well as iOS devices.

The microphones that come with Amazon Echo feature enhanced noise cancellation along with far-field voice recognition, which means you can ask Alexa any question from any direction and she would hear you and respond to your question in the most accurate way, even when the music is being played.

The wake word for activating Amazon Echo is called ‘Alexa’.

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What can Alexa do?

This is not the right question because the right question would be, ‘what Alexa can’t do’ because Alexa has the capability of doing a host of tasks. You can play music, get latest news and sports scores, provide information, tell the weather, control smart home and allow people to order products. The last feature is only available for Prime Members.

Alexa is going to update itself through the cloud automatically and keeps on learning all the time. Alexa won’t take much time to adapt to your speech patterns, and will get better with time because it will understand your vocabulary, things that you ask from it on a daily basis and personal preferences.

What can you ask Alexa?

There are many things that you can ask Alexa to do. There is a feature named ‘Skills’ that is given in the Alexa app, which if enabled will allow you to customize your Echo device with certain capabilities that will suit your preferences.

Along with that, there are many skill categories within the Skills section of the app, which include, Music & Audio, Connected Car, Smart Home, Travel & Transportation, Food & Drink and more. To enable these skills, you just need to tap ‘Enable Skill’ when you come across the skill that suits you.

A few skills will require you to link to your existing account or get a separate subscription to use. If you want to book an Uber with Alexa, then you will have to sign into your Uber account but within the skills section that is given in the Alexa app.

A number of apps and services work with Alexa, so in order to find out the ones that you want to use, you will have to go online and search for the same. All in all, Amazon Echo is the best voice assistance available on the market right now. There is no one else that is even close to this particular device. Moreover, there are different versions available on the market, thus giving you an option to decide the right voice assistance based on your requirement and budget.

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