What’s the Easiest Way of Adding Music Files on Your Kindle Fire?

Want to play your favourite music on your Kindle Fire e-reader? You can check out our simple guide in which we have explained everything in a very easy-to-understand way. You will not find any difficulty understanding the process of how to put music on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Tablets are designed to perform tasks of both, smartphones and computers. You can explore the internet, play games, watch videos, listen to music and read books, etc., on your tablet. Most tablets come with built-in audio and video players to provide seamless entertainment to its users.

Of all the tablets, many would rate Kindle Fire at the top because of its amazing capabilities. Things that Kindle Fire can do, no other tablet can do with that ease. But, people using Kindle Fire tablet don’t know how to put new songs or their existing library of digital music onto their Kindle tablets.

The process is not difficult, but there are two methods you have to choose between, and we are going to discuss both of those methods.

Step 1: Buy music from Amazon

This is what Amazon wants you to do. You will find this to be a quick and reliable way to get new songs on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Tap ‘Music’ app from ‘Home screen’, as this will launch the music store.

It is possible for you to easily browse by genre or check out your favourite charts. If you want to hear previews of songs, then that is also possible by tapping ‘Play’ button, which is given right next to the ‘Title’ of the song. If you are looking to buy a song, then tap the orange price label that is given corresponding to the tracks followed by tapping ‘Buy’ button.

Step 2: Copy your music files from your computer or Mac

Kindle Fire is one of those tablets that support a wide range of music file formats, including MP3 type, so in case you already have a music library where your audio files are stored as MP3, then you can easily transfer those onto your Kindle Fire.

For this, you will have to use a USB cable to connect the tablet to your PC. Once the tablet has been detected, hold down ‘Windows key + E’. After that, go to ‘music’ folder on your Kindle Fire. For Mac users, the same can be possible by using ‘Finder’ option.

You can now drag and drop MP3 files to the music folder of your Kindle Fire. If your MP3 tracks are organized into folders that are sorted by artist and album name, then you just need to drag the folders across.

You are going to find the tracks in the music app on your device now.

Step 3: Transfer it to the cloud

There is one more way of getting your music files on the Kindle Fire tablet, i.e., by making use of Amazon’s Cloud Player tool, which is a tool that comes free with Amazon account. You can store audio files in the cloud instead of the tablet.

Now, you can go to the Cloud player website by making use of your PC and sign into your Amazon account using the right details. When your Kindle Fire device is connected to the PC, it is going to import all your music files automatically.

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