You can give multiple commands to Amazon Echo’s Alexa

Amazon Echo is blessed with its digital assistant called Alexa and if you are new to this impressive device then you will glad to know that Alexa gets an ability to listen to more than one command. Set up your Echo and enjoy multiple features.

It feels good when people come to know about new features of Alexa. If you’re an Amazon Echo user then you can opt into daily emails that tout ‘What’s new with Alexa?’ As we know Alexa follows your verbal commands, simply you can interact with Echo’s voice by uttering her name and then ask a question such as you can ask for temperature, can ask for the score and you can even play games like twenty questions. Well, before giving commands, you need to say the wake word. By default, the wake word is Alexa. If there’s a member of your family with the same name then you can change the wake word. You have these three options; Echo, Amazon, and Computer. From these words, you can change the wake word. If you heard of Echo Connect then we would like to tell this one is the latest accessory of Amazon, the device is capable to turn your Echo speaker into a voice-controller speakerphone. If you haven’t tried this device and newly brought to your home then simply grab Echo setup procedure by getting in touch with technical experts. It will save your time.

The new feature that took place this week is known as Follow-Up Mode. When you wake up Alexa and ask something or give a verbal command, she will reply ‘OK’. For example, if you give a command of adding toothpaste, peanut butter, and toilet rolls to your shopping list, simply Alexa will say OK and then you will see these three items on your shopping list. You are free to add more items to your shopping list as well. After adding on the items show some courtesy by saying thank you to Alexa and she will reply back, ‘You’re welcome’ or ‘No worries’.

You will need to enable this new feature (Follow-Up Mode) on each Echo device. Simply go to the Alexa app on your smartphone and go to Setting from the menu (upper left corner). After choosing your Echo, you need to scroll down to Follow-Up Mode and touch the switch so you can enable it. There is one more way through which you can issue many commands on the Echo. A feature known as Routines was newly introduced. Well, there’s a difference between a Routine and issuing multiple commands. Routines are groupings of verbal commands that you can trigger at a particular time or with a particular word. In the settings of your Alexa app, you can find this feature. Routines are limited to your smart home commands, weather, reports regarding traffic and reading news etc. If you’re looking for any technical support, you are free to contact Amazon professionals.

Well, as we know Echo grips many attractive features and do you know you can also turn your Echo device into an intercom? Under the same roof, the users of Echo can get in touch with Echo devices in another room. For example, if you’re a user of Echo and want to interact with another person who is in the bedroom then simply say, “Alexa, drop in on the bedroom”.

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