You Can Now Control Your Amazon Echo Even Without Alexa Smartphone App

Amazon Echo is a kind of device that works on smart voice recognition technology. This device can be controlled through a smartphone or through other smartphone devices like tablet, laptop. However, there are certain things that you might not know. Today we are going to make you familiar with those things. The amazing and the surprising one is the ability to control your Echo without Alexa smartphone app. This is possible with the astonishing feature available in Echo i: e, ‘Booming panel’.

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Why it is required?

As we know that Amazon Echo works according to your voice commands. You can speak to it through an array of mics attached at the top. There is voice assistant available inside it. Alexa, a voice assistant will keep on replying to your queries one by one. Yes, you need a stable internet connection for all this because all the data fetched from your smartphone will be through the internet. You can watch any show, movies or check the weather forecast on your Amazon Echo.

A smartphone is required to fetch the information. When you connect your smartphone to the Echo, Alexa will fetch the information from the smartphone based on the recent searches. The most important thing is Amazon app which must be installed on the smartphone. If you don’t want to use the smartphone, then you can make use of web browser on a computer.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to control Echo through web-interface.

How to access Echo wirelessly?

In order to use Echo wirelessly, you need to open a web browser on a computer and enter URL of Amazon official website. Enter in the URL field.

After successful completion of setup, you will find all the activities related to Amazon Echo started displaying on the screen. From here, you can launch any activity or menu according to your choice.

All those features that are available in the Echo app can now be accessed through a web interface. Moreover, you will find all the menu appearing on the big screen rather than on a mobile screen. Though all the color schemes and text font will remain same on web-interface.

In order to control playback functions, Tap on the top right corner of the screen and open playback controls like play, pause, forward and rewind. Over the mouse to a particular option and select the one according to your preference.

If you want to shop any item online, then you can add your favorite items in the cart on Amazon shopping app. You need to have a valid Amazon account for this. Once you order the product, you will get it soon on the delivery address. Yes, for this you have to add the payment details for online payment of bills.

All recent updates related to the features, functions, and firmware of Echo can be easily fetched on web-based interfacing of Amazon Echo. If you find any problem in getting the updates, you can contact the Echo support.

Summary: In the last, we will say that it is possible to control your Amazon Echo without smartphone Alexa app but with a Web-based interface. All the functions and features will remain the same on mobile as well as on a computer browser.

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